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rising sun! a 東方神起 graphics community!
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Welcome to RISING__SUN. This is a free TVXQ (Dong Bang Shin Ki) graphics community. The community is not an open post community, but once you join you will be able to see all the graphics. To join you must first read the RULES. This community is under the umbrella of DBSG (The Mother Community of TVXQ!).

JOIN to become a member of this community to gain access to any graphics.
CREDIT where the artist specifies.
DO NOT SHARE any of the graphics with anyone who is NOT a member, please.
COMMENT when you take anything from this community.
RESPECT the Rising Sun team; the moderators and artists.
YOUR ICONS MUST BE DBSK-RELATED. Do NOT post any other icons if they are not of DBSK. K-Pop icons do NOT count if they are NOT of DBSK! This is NOT a K-Pop icon community!
→ All posts must be FRIENDS LOCKED and related to DBSK. Please do NOT post more than SIX teaser icons (minimum is THREE). Your icons don't all have to be DBSK-related but at least have a majority of them be. When posting a layout or some other graphic larger than a 100x100 icon, please make it in thumbnail form.
PLEASE TAG YOUR ENTRIES. Once you've accepted, a tag has been made just for you! Make sure to use it. If any of the moderators see an entry with no tags whatsoever, it will be deleted with no warning. If your tag does not work, head on to THIS post.
→ Never STEAL or REDISTRIBUTE anything posted here.
→ For people who want to post their icons under a new username, you don't need to apply again. All you need to do is let us know that you're changing accounts. You can tell us by replying to THIS entry. We will be removing your old journal(s) once you do so, but your old posts will still remain. Your old tag will be renamed and you will have posting access using your new account.
→ If you've applied and been accepted, then to delete your journal I will not hesitate to delete you off the community list. Which means you'll have to re-apply if you've made a new journal or undelete your journal. I do clean-ups from time to time, so if I see that your journal isn't in use (striked-out), I will take you off the member list.
→ We do not allow any sort of advertisements here. Do that somewhere else.
→ By joining, you have agreed to FOLLOW THE RULES stated by the maintainer. Breaking any will lead to banishment from this community.

If you'd like to be an artist or a part of the RS team, just comment HERE but make sure to read it before doing that! All artists can be found through the community's tag HERE. We check the applications every other Monday; your application must be approved by both of the mods.


A special thanks to SUKUISHI and GACKUTOLOVE for tagging the community's posts! Thank you both so very much!

CSS made by DAMNICONS and profile made by RIBBONIZED. Header and other graphics made by HERE.