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members only.
welcome to rising__sun, the official 東方神起 / 동방신기 graphics community! the community was created on 2005.11.04 by fuyugurei. there were two other moderators who joined her: analyze and lotus___six. on 2008.02.26, analyze kindly handed over the community to me, exeunt (fka indicted/mindori). i have two others who now join me: citharia and kawaiiheartt.

the community has always been members only so it would be greatly appreciated if you could join; you then will be able to see all posts made by our graphic team (list located here). if you'd like to apply for posting access, please head on here.

don't forget to read our rules. if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and the likes, do not hesitate to comment. all comments are screened.

- the rising sun team.
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